Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Grand Assembly 'RTM Djulpan'

I'll start off with an apology for the long layoff from the Antipodean Mariner blog. In January of this year, I was moved from a technical specialist to running our Company's Panamax dry bulk trading desk. The change to a trading desk has been an interesting career development, but is a lot less "blogable". Instead of studying ballast systems, I'm immersed in Baltic Panamax Index Average Four Time Charter Routes Freight Futures Agreements (or BPI A4TC FFA's in trader-speak). And I don't go anywhere.

Even though I haven't been spending any time in shipyards, my colleagues have - below is the Grand Assembly of our second caustic soda/bulk carrier 'RTM Djulpan' being built at Oshima Shipyard. The time sequence is over eight days. If Henry Ford ever built ships, this is how he would have done it!.

Many thanks to Cliff and Keel Marine for the photo sequence. Please enjoy

The Antipodean Mariner