Sunday, 26 April 2015

Reactivating the Blog

After a long absence from the Blog, I found that it's been 'hijacked' by re-posted feeds from some Oil and Gas site - damned if I know how that happened, deleted them all!

After some deliberation, I'm 'outing' the Antipodean Mariner. I'm Stuart Scott, a Kiwi and Australian, living in Melbourne, Australia. 2015 brought a new role in a new industry, and I joined Farstad Shipping in January as Chief Operating Officer for the APAC region.

Farstad Shipping have just delivered their first Subsea Offshore Construction Vessel 'Far Sleipner'. Here's a link to a beautiful fly-over clip shot with a drone in Aalesund, Norway.

Sill plenty of stuff left to post over the coming months of my past and present 'loves'.

Stuart, the Antipodean Mariner