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Who knows what a Coal Tanker is?

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Subject: What's a coal tanker please?

Hi there

The media section of Maritime Safety Queensland's website lists the 'Shen Neng 1' as a coal tanker?

"These images of the coal tanker Shen Neng 1, aground on a reef 70km east of Great Keppel Island, were taken by Maritime Safety Queensland on Sunday afternoon, 4 April 2010. The images are thumbnails - the full-size versions are available below each image. The full-size versions are large and may take some time to load, especially on slower Internet connections.

The 'Shen Neng 1' is a Bulk Carrier for shipping dry bulk cargoes like coal. Tankers carry liquids such as oil, petroleum products and chemicals.

I'm really surprised that the maritime safety authority such as MSQ "doesn't know its own product" - or did you just entrust this task to a journalist or some web developer?

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The Antipodean Mariner

PS Usual disclaimers apply - this email represents my own views as a Master Mariner and a profession seafarer who knows the difference between a bulk carrier and a tanker, and doesn't represent the opinion of my Employer.


  1. Hear,hear, you would like to think that they would or should know the difference.

  2. If the 'Shen Neng 1' had been an OBO (Ore/Bulk/Oil) it could have made a little sense, though still not much.

  3. Maybe it was carrying a new type of coal in liquefied form.

    Seriously, it's shocking that the state agency you mentioned could make such a mistake - which doesn't seem to be a typo error.

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