Friday, 15 April 2011

PN65 - First Blocks Commenced

The first blocks of PN65 are in fabrication, and the Site Team's work has started in earnest. At this early stage, we have two Superintendents on site with the team increasing to thirteen Superintendents at the peak of the project (and eight ships under simultaneous construction). The initial task of the Superintendents has been to focus on quality procedures and raising HSE standards with the foremen and workers.

PN65 Sideshell block

This block is a section of the double bottom and hopper side connecting to the hold tanktop.

PN65 Rudder stock

Also under construction is the rudder stock which will be attached to the hull.

Keel laying of PN65 is scheduled for the end of July, at which time about one-third of the ship will have been constructed in block form. All of the main equipment has been selected, with only the Ballast Water Treatment System still to be finalised. The main engine will be an MAN B&W 6S70ME-C electronically controlled slow-speed diesel. This engine has electro-hydraulically actuated fuel injection and exhaust valves for improved fuel economy and emissions control.

More next week on naming the series.

The Antipodean Mariner
15th April 2011

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