Saturday, 4 February 2012

Near miss

Ore Fabrica is at anchor in Subic Bay, awaiting the arrival of Vale's second China-bound cargo of iron ore. The Antipodean Mariner witnessed a close call for the new trans-shipment station.

The new Capesize, Rio Manaus, had just departed on her maiden voyage and was passing ahead of Ore Fabrica when her main engine failed. Tugs shepherded her past the bow and from where the AM watched it unfold it looked close. In the sequence shot from a ferry, Rio Manaus is in the foreground and Ore Fabrica's cranes and deck hoppers are in the background. The foremast of the Ore Fabrica is visible at deck level to the left of Rio Manaus's accommodation block and the sequence has been tidied up with some commentary.

Ore Fabrica lies at anchor awaiting her first cargo

Rio Manaus, dead in the water - tugs on the way back

Two tugs pushing as the stern closes on Ore Fabrica's bow

Rio Manaus' stern slides past the bow

The Antipodean Mariner


  1. Thanks for the very interesting update.

    P.S: Is it possible to post the top two pictures in larger format?

  2. Travelling in Japan, where wifi coverage is unbelievably scarce. Will post a full story on 'Ore Fabrica' when I'm back in Australia.