Thursday, 15 November 2012

Post-Panamax 'RTM Flinders'

The Antipodean Mariner's site supervision team have been sending a steady stream of progress photos and it's time to put some of them up on the Blog. The second ship, 'RTM Flinders' is about 3 months behind RTM Dias, with the first super-block comprising the engine room and No.5 Hold bulkhead going into the Dock in late October.
The first block in the Dock
No.5 Hold tank top
Poop being lifted on over the Steering Flat
With typical Japanese efficiency, her construction continues toward the dock divider where there is a 250,000 DWT ore carrier. When her hull reaches the divider, the ore carrier has to be floated out and the divider repositioned. Like her sister Dias, she will float out stern first to the Fitting Out Quay.

Up against the Dock Divider, No.5 Hold enclosed
'RTM Dias put to sea in mid-December for sea trials and delivery into service in January. Many thanks again to Dr Paul and Asanomi-san for the photos from Imari.



  1. I really like the action photo of the poop lift. It's very cool to watch a ship come to life like this - thanks for taking the time out of your day to post for us!

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