Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Changing course

To paraphrase Rule 8 of the Collision Regulations, alterations of course should be positive and made in ample time with due regard to the observance of good seamanship.

In January, the Antipodean Mariner made a bold course change and has left the world of shipbuilding for command of the company's Panamax freight trading portfolio. Main engines, keel laying and sea trials have been replaced by speed and consumption, Baltic Panamax Indices and demurrage.

The role completes the skills jigsaw that that, until now, has been in supporting roles as a technical or operational specialist. With the role comes P&L responsibility for about 30 million tonnes of freight in Asia and the Atlantic Basin.
As this dry world doesn't intersect with main engines and hull blocks, I'll have to live vicariously through colleagues in the field doing sea trials and ship deliveries. The final two Capesize at HHIC Subic Bay will be delivered in April/May after new main engines were fitted and the first of the new Post-Panamax, RTM Dias, has enteredt service. RTM Flinders will shortly head out on sea trials and deliver into service in March.

RTM Dias and RTM Flinders banked for their Naming Ceremony

RTM Dias approaching berth on her maiden voyage

RTM Flinders ready for sea trials

AM, February 2013


  1. Congratulations and fair winds navigating the sea of paper :-)

  2. Hello Antipodean Mariner!
    You share great photo's & information on your blog - thank you.
    I am writing a paper/thesis for a health & safety course and would like to ask permission to use one of the photoes published on your website.
    (See post Friday September 28, 2012, Post-Panamax progress, Photo 3: No.2 and No.3 Hold tank-tops and ballast tanks - RTM Dias)
    This photo clearly shows a topside ballast tank. This is the location where repairs take place o/b a bulk carrier(the fictious scenario I deal with in the paper). The photo would give a very good idea of the environment in a tank during welding work.
    If needed I can send an email (if you have one).
    Kind regards.