Sunday, 26 April 2015

Reactivating the Blog

After a long absence from the Blog, I found that it's been 'hijacked' by re-posted feeds from some Oil and Gas site - damned if I know how that happened, deleted them all!

After some deliberation, I'm 'outing' the Antipodean Mariner. I'm Stuart Scott, a Kiwi and Australian, living in Melbourne, Australia. 2015 brought a new role in a new industry, and I joined Farstad Shipping in January as Chief Operating Officer for the APAC region.

Farstad Shipping have just delivered their first Subsea Offshore Construction Vessel 'Far Sleipner'. Here's a link to a beautiful fly-over clip shot with a drone in Aalesund, Norway.

Sill plenty of stuff left to post over the coming months of my past and present 'loves'.

Stuart, the Antipodean Mariner


  1. Hi Stuart..glad to have you back....have really appreciated your past posts....looking forward to more ...
    from a fellow kiwi

  2. Welcome back Stuart