Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Bits and Pieces

Vale Beijing is passing Capetown, on her way to the Cape of Good Hope and then Sohar to discharge. Drydock in the Arabian Gulf will follow and hopefully a detailed explanation on the cause of the hull failure. The screen shot was taken from MarineTraffic AIS and posted from the AM's Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet.

Ore Pantanal has discharged her ore cargo in Kaohsiung and returned to Subic Bay for another. Ore Fabrica is rafted up with Ore Itaguai inside Subic Bay while Vale China remains at anchor outside. Ocean Creation, the Cape believed to have been the next trans-shipper, may turn out to be a 'red herring' as her position is shown as tied up at the Keppel repair yard at the head of the bay. She appears to be trading Brasil - Asia in ore but may just in for a scheduled dry-docking?

The initial report on Rena's grounding will be released (sans analysis into the cause of the grounding) on Thursday 8th March (NZ's morning) on the TAIC website.


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