Friday, 2 March 2012

Storm at Astrolabe Reef

New Zealand is battening down for a storm this weekend, but out at Astrolabe Reef the faithful are maintaining their vigil over the Rena.

Winds are forecast at 40 knots, gusting to 60 knots, and Smit Borneo has been berthed in Tauranga to avoid the worst of the weather.

The calm before the storm - Smit Borneo and Go Canopus (LOC/Maritime NZ)

The condition of the two parts are being monitored as the heavy swells could cause the stern to drop into deeper water - the bow seem to be well grounded and has apparently not moved since October.

Photo: Vaughan Williams, Maritime News Clippings

Any change in status will be posted but this weather system is the worst forecast since Rena sank on 10th January.


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