Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Cape Project

PN65, the first ship of the series, is three weeks away from sea trials, and the Antipodean Mariner will be back 'on the water' for a week in May while she is speed trialed, zig-zagged and crash stopped. Using a mash-up of photos taken over the past two months, PN65 and PN66 are now both afloat and fitting out. The scale of production, as the Graving Dock is filled with four ships under simultaneous construction, is spectacular.

From the bridge of PN65, the nine holds stretch out and the MacGregor hatch covers are fitted.

PN65, where the Yard has fitted a gangway to allow direct access the engine-room

Taken earlier in 2012, PN66 on the far side has her engine-room fitted out and in the foreground sister-ship PN68 rises from the dock floor

Less than two months later, PN66 floats out to join her sister at the fitting out quay.



  1. Nice catch-up post. The girls are getting bigger every day!

  2. The Yard's graving dock now has four 205,000 DWT Capes for our Company under construction plus the two afloat. Two more in block stages, four delivering in 2012 and four in 2013. It's a good thing Australia is exporting enough iron ore to fill these babies, and they are still a figurative 'drop in the ocean'