Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Seagate/Timor Stream and Rena

Followers love a good maritime disaster - the page hits don't lie. This tale of woe comes from the Caribbean, where the UK registered 'Seagate' collided with the 'Timor Stream. Amazingly, no fatalities though one crewman was pickd up from the sea by a passing yacht.

The bow of the Timor Stream has penetrated right in to the engineroom of Seagate,taking what would likely be the Officers Mess and Ship's Office on the starboard A Deck.


Depth of penetration into the accommodation

Part of Seagate's lifeboat davit draped over the bow

Remarkably little damage to Timor Stream

And news closer to home, Rena's stern section has 'fallen off' Astrolabe Reef today, leaving only the bow visible. More photos of Rena at Maritime NZ's gallery.


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