Thursday, 12 July 2012

GO Capella and EIT Palmina

A bit of an intellectual 'dead air' at the moment. Captain K has been recalled from leave to command 'GO Capella', sister of GO Canopus, for a tow job. The heavy lift ship EIT Palmina has suffered a major engine failure and was disabled in the Port of Fremantle.

She is being towed by GO Capella to the port of Albany in Western Australia where it's assumed the berthage costs are cheaper than Fremantle. Captain K reports ETA Friday 13th July, grey skies and the bow of 'EIT Palmina' steadily following 800 metres astern. Former cadet and shipmate Iain is the Second Mate, one of the phenomenon of 'Middle-Aged Mariners returning to the sea...

Heavy Lift Ship 'EIT Palmina'
GO Capella and EIT Palmina readying for the tow from Fremantle
GO Capella and EIT Palmina departing Fremantle: GO Marine Group


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