Friday, 20 July 2012

GO Capella/EIT Palmina tow pix

Captain K is delivering GO Capella back to Dampier after the tow of EIT Palmina to Albany, WA. The weather was reported as appalling, 50 - 55 knots, and most crew were sea sick as the promised weather window failed to materialise. However, EIT Palmina was safely delivered to undertake repairs to her propeller shaft (?)

EIT Palmira in her stable position,
30 degree off the starboard quarter

Tug made fast in Albany

GO Capella leading EIT Palmira in to the Port of Albany

In an ironic twist to the Rena saga, Captain K has been asked to write an article for a major New Zealand daily newspaper on his experiences at Astrolabe Reef. Unplugged., AM will link to the article when it hits the news stand...


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  1. There was an announcement in a local paper yesterday that the tender for the next stage of the salvage has been let. To Resolve of the US. It only mentioned that it would be for the reduction of the bow section, to be cut up and removed by helicopter.
    No mention of the stern section in the article.
    Here's a link: