Tuesday, 11 September 2012

'RTM Cook' at Newcastle

The Antipodean Mariner organised a 'school trip' instead of a Friday in the office, checking out 'RTM Cook' loading her second cargo - thermal or steaming coal - in Newcastle. Some of the original crew have changed, but the Chief Engineer, Second Engineer and Chief Officer from sea trials and delivery were still aboard, smiling at acquaintances remade.

Composite wide angle of RTM Cook, Kooragang Berth 7, Newcastle

Operationally she has worked well, lifting superior tonnages of iron ore and coal compared to standard Capesize vessels. Several technicians were standing on the wharf with us awaiting to board and fix small guarantee items.

View from the Compass Deck, waiting for the ship-loader
No.7 Hold, coatings looking good after 23,000 of iron ore being poured in
Three in a row...
Armed with notebooks and cameras full of things to improve on her sisters, we went down the gangway at 17:00 to fly home. 'RTM Cook' sailed in the early hours of Sunday morning with 152,595 tonnes of steaming coal for Map Ta Phut. Sea trials for PN67/'RTM Dampier' this week in Subic, though the AM is sitting out this dance. Next after 'RTM Dampier' is PN68/'RTM Zheng He' in November.



  1. How long does it take to load 23 000 tons in hull 7

  2. Port Warratah Coal Services can load at about 7,500 tonnes an hour. For bulk carriers like RTM Cook, this is not too demanding on the hull or ballast pumps.