Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The second Post-Panamax series

Ticking along quietly in the background has been the construction of two Post-Panamax bulk carriers, Ships 364 and 365, in Imari Japan. This pair will go to work in the bauxite and coal trades next year, but differ significantly from the five Post-Panamax already in service.

These designs are a variation on a standard coal carrier and are innovative for their full double hull construction. Most bulk carriers have a section of single hull between the lower hopper and topside ballast tanks. These vessels' holds have smooth sides, with all structural strength contained in the wing ballast tanks, similar to a modern double-hull oil tanker.

The operational benefits of double hull are that the cargo doesn't 'hang up' in the side structure, the vessel can carry all her water ballast in wing tanks and doesn't require a Ballast Hold.

The current schedule will see S.364 (RTM Dias) go to sea trials in November, for delivery in January and her sister-ship (RTM Flinders) in March. The Antipodean Mariner has stitched together a quick montage of progress since August, finishing with the loading of the Main Engine today (a Mitsubishi 6UEC60LS II-ECO slow-speed, 2-stroke diesel).

S.364 Engine Room and No.5 Hold Double Bottom

No.5 Hold lower stool/bulkhead and start of Hold 4

No.5 Hold enclosed, No.4 Hold starboard side lifting in to place
MHI 6UEC engine being lower into place

Thanks to Dr Paul R. and the KML Site Team for these photos.

The Antipodean Mariner

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