Saturday, 13 October 2012

Force Majeure

Force Majeure is a legal 'out' for parties to a contract whereby an external event, which is not in the control of either of the parties, results in one party being unable to perform its obligations. The Shipyard has a contractual timeline to deliver the remaining five vessels to the AM's company and Force Majeure is a permissible delay which 'stops the clock' on any financial penalties from late delivery.

'Typhoon Jelawat' formed to the east of the Philippines in late September and meandered north before passing over Japan on the 1st of October.

Typhoon Jelawat's path
Unfortunately, the ship carrying the two Doosan-built  MAN B&W engines for the final two vessels 'Columbus' and and 'Tasman' left for Subic Bay as Jelawat formed, and despite hugging the Chinese coast got a hammering. The two Intermediate shafts and two tail shafts broke free from their lashings and rolled around inside the cargo hold. The engine entablature (upper engine part) for 'Tasman' slipped off its securing chocks, damaging the machined surface where it joins with the bedplate holding the crankshaft.

The engines are shipped with the pistons and conrods hanging up inside, and securing wires broke causing the rods to swing and damage sides of the crankcase.

Both engines are being shipped back to Korea for repair by the Manufacturers and the Shipyard has declared Force Majeure, allowing them to delivery the last vessels late and without penalty.

Tailshafts broke free
Crankcase door impact damage
Surface joining entablature and bedplate deformed
Exhaust gas receiver damaged
Engine will be returned to Korea
The Antipodean Mariner


  1. That's awful news. I hope the Korean engine maker can make these right. The Force Majeur isn't the worst part of this, I'm afraid.

  2. Was this how she was strapped in on departure or did a lot of those ties materialize after she had already slipped? ....probably lucky that a little bit of movement didn't turn into a lot - that ain't just the dog sliding from side to side in the back of the car! ;)