Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Launching 'RTM Dias'

On Saturday 13th October, Hull S.364 - to be named 'RTM Dias' - floated out of her building dock in Imari, Japan. RTM Dias is the 6th Post-Panamax to be built for the AM's Company but is to a different design to RTM Wakmatha. At 38 metres beam and a full double-hull design, she will be suitable for coal and bauxite cargoes and will enter service in early 2013.

The photo montage tells the story. My thanks to Paul and Asanomi-san from the KML Site Team for these photos and for climbing up on the Yard's gantry crane for the magnificent overheads.

In the Building Dock before flooding.
Flooding the dock 
Energy saving devices - Namura Fin and Rudder Fin

The Antipodean Mariner


  1. Those high overheads are spectacular! Thanks for the shots of the propeller / fins / rudder. There's a whole new world of efficiency to be had by applying the science of hydrodynamics. Every little bit adds up.

  2. Nice photos indeed AM.
    Plus of course, very informative as usual.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Going back to the theme of some of your earlier posts, have you seen this?


    As inefficient as it is, guess this is the only way ahead in the short term