Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Farstad's 731's Down Under

I'm still getting my head around the Offshore Industry's use of design types to describe ship. In bluewater shipping, ships may be of a class or series or named after the first ship built, but offshore vessels are described with the mathematical precision of a Mercedes Benz or BMW model.

Farstad's largest and most modern anchor handlers are known as the 731's, or their full title of UT731CD. The Norwegian-built 230 tonne bollard pull, multi-engine direct and diesel-electric drive anchor handlers capable of working in water up to 3,00 metres. We currently have four 731's under our management in Asia-Pacific, 'Far Senator' being the latest addition after conversion in Singapore to provide fire-fighting duties.

Good fortune had three Farstad 731's lined up at Dampier, West Australia yesterday - and no, this picture has not been PhotoShopped. Left to right: Far Saracen (Chevron), Far Senator (Woodside) and Far Sirius (Woodside) courtesy of the Dampier Port Authority's Pilot Boat crew to whom I thank and acknowledge permission to use the photo. Far Shogun was out at the rig earning her keep.

Times are tough in the offshore industry but shots like this are a testament to the investment in technology by their Owners and the professionalism of their Crews operating large, complex and sophisticated vessels just metres away from rigs.

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