Tuesday, 1 November 2016

120 Days at Astrolabe

For long-term Followers of this Blog, the heady days of the Rena salvage in 2011 was the making of the 'Antipodean Mariner' as the unvarnished story from Astrolabe Reef, penned by Captain Kevin Judkins as Master of the AHTS 'Go Canopus', was fed to the Web as a daily serial.

With the blessing of Daina Shipping (Rena's Owners), Captain Kevin Judkins has published a book of his personal story and photographic record during the salvage operation.

The book '120 Days at Astrolabe' contains Kevin's personal diary and hundreds of unpublished photographs taken by him and others at the wreck site.

It's a fabulous record of the operation, from the perspective of a professional mariner experiencing a once in a lifetime event up close and very personal.

The book is self-published and can be purchased direct by contacting the author at rena120daysatastrolabe@yahoo.com 

Drop Kevin an email and get your copy mailed to you from New Zealand.

Stuart Scott
The Antipodean Mariner
November 2016

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