Sunday, 20 November 2011

Rena salvage pictures

The Antipodean Mariner has been in South East Asia this past week and postings have been a big sparse despite news and photos received. Quick posting tonight of some of the best photos. Rena's trademark collapsed container stack has now been removed, and the salvors are starting to remove some of the full reefer (refrigerated) containers with their putrifying contents.

It has been reported that the site looks like Scapa Flow with the English fleet in port. Vessel count includes the tugs Katea, Koraki, Maui 1, Pacific Pearl and Petra G , Wainui (towing the barge Pohonui which is the the designated rotten food barge. The Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB's) Sea 3, Genesis and Black Pearl with the Canopus, Seatow 60 and Rena totaled 13 vessels at the wreck site.

Riggers attached with lifelines prepare the toppled container stack for discharge

Rena's port side showing the extent of the damage to her hull at No.2 Hatch

Looking along the port side, the mis-alignment between the forward and after sections of the hull are more apparent

Hive of activity around the hulk of the Rena.

The Antipodean Mariner
20th November 2011

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