Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Rena's media machine

A copy of Mike Wackett's editorial in shipping e-zine Containerisation International Online (15th November 2011) has been passed to the Antipodean Mariner, which praises Maritime New Zealand for its handling of the media during the salvage operation (http://www.ci-online.co.uk/)

Quotations in part from the online article state;

"Moreover, it has been so refreshing to experience the open and frankness of MNZ; regardless of issues with liability for the clean-up cost, they have pushed on with their job of protecting their beautiful coastline"

"Indeed, those responsible for MNZ's PR machine deserve congratulations; its 100 or so status updates should be a lesson to other media-shy companies how to communicate, and why it is in everybody's interests to do so: the problem won't go away it is always better to be transparent."

I'll leave readers who followed this blog's first person account of the salvage up until its untimely silencing to draw their own conclusions.

The Antipodean Mariner
22nd November 2011


  1. Figjam!
    Reminds me of the first time I saw the expression on a colleague's coffee mug and naively asked what it stood for.
    F*%# I'm Good Just Ask Me
    Nothing like a good self build up in a closed trade journal. I think they've got a bigger list than Rena.
    As they work fastidiously on their image on a four day on four day off roster.

  2. Have to take time out of the day to mention that I believe Maritime NZ has been a fabulous resource to those of us that want to know whats really happening down under.
    This is a textbook example of "transparency" if you ask me, and from the "bottom of the world" no less.