Thursday, 10 November 2011

RENA salvage - Storm threatens!

A storm is brewing off Astrolabe Reef despite ongoing good weather for the Salvors. The Antipodean Mariner's man on the scene has fallen afoul of the non-disclosure clause in his employment contract, and the objections of the one of the Regulatory Agencies to his "call it as I see it" gonzo journalism style. The latest update has been editied to avoid offence (real or perceived) to those in the un-named Agency.

Hello all,
Welcome to my new readers in Russia, the Channel Islands and the [deleted regulatory agency] .

It was another lovely day out here at Astrolabe reef. The WSW wind continued to blow the sheen well out to sea. The weather gods certainly have been good to the salvors as of late. Long may it continue.

I think I witnessed Darwinism first hand today. As per earlier reports, there are multiple schools of fish shoaling around the reef. Sea birds are now also returning to the scene, making the most of the rich pickings. Proof that nature abhors a vacuum of course, but more notable was that both fish and birds were upwind and up weather of the Rena and the sheen.

Could it be that the smart birds know to keep away from the oil and the dumb ones die?
There was sheen in the water in the vicinty of where the maggots wash overboard, yet neither fish nor bird were there. Of course it could it be something much simpler, like current & weather, or noise from our thrusters? Whatever the reason, it was certainly very noticeable.

I have this evening been reminded of a non disclosure clause in my employment contract, which will preclude me from sending any further updates from the salvage site. I will endeavour to reach a compromise which will allow me to continue, as I know for many of you, this is the only news you get on the subject. However, if not, this may well be my 2nd last report.

Signing off from Astrolabe reef.


  1. That's unfortunate news. You've written an excellent account and they should consider using you for their own media releases. Straight forward information for the locals would give a much better appreciation of the situation the salvors et al are working in. Rather than the sanitised dumbed down dross they supply to the local press.

  2. Thanks for your comment, which has been passed on to our man on the scene. 24 hours may resolve it one way or the other.

  3. As a local, if your man on the scene gets any spare time and would like a look around the area, I'd be happy to offer it. Not in the same class as the Siberian Sirens but just good local knowledge.