Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sea trials (again)

The AM has been suffering from writers block. Corporate restructure and a review of capital spending has killed the motivation to blog for the past couple of weeks.

At the airport on a Sunday morning, returning to Subic Bay for sea trials of PN66 RTM Cook. The Philipinnes is in the middle of the monsoon season with heavy rain and the odd typhoon forecast. Sea trials are scheduled for Tuesday to Thursday, shorter because the 'first ship' tests were done on PN65 RTM Cook. The site team is reporting that PN66 is better prepared and has a shorter defects list.

The lineup at the Yard now is PN66 ready for sea trials, PN67 and PN68 alongside fitting out and PN69-72 under construction in Dock 6. Will post when Wi-fi is available. Also posting to Instagram, ID antipodean_mariner.


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  1. Don't burn yourself out! Life and work comes first.