Monday, 6 August 2012

In Subic Bay

It's raining, raining so hard that a sailing jacket and overpants are almost useless. Water is pouring off the decks and the Yard has told us the the Government Maritime Safety Authority has to give permission for us to put to sea in the morning.

We have a full contingent from the Owners, Ship Managers, senior Officers and MAN-B&W, the engine makers. The Captain is an experienced hand and has commanded one of our Post-Panamax bulk carriers. The final pre-trials meeting with the Yard has satisfied us that PN66 is ready for sea. One night ashore and then to sea until Thursday.

At anchor in the Bay, looks like one of the STX ValeMaxs fully loaded, Ore Fabrica and a Bergesen Cape. No cargo being transferred today.

Will keep a daily log and post when we get into wi-fi. Photos of RTM Dampier PN67 behind us and RTM Zheng He ahead.


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