Sunday, 26 August 2012

'RTM Cartier' Delivery and Departure

Just back from a whirlwind delivery trip, less than 48 hours in the Philippines. The ship was ready, we did our thing and the UK Ship Register did their thing. 'RTM Cartier' became a British ship at 13:30 Local Time Friday 24th August 2012 and departed the following day at noon, smiles all round.

Again, will let the pictures and the video tell the story. Two down, six to go...

Leaving from Fort Bonifacio, Manila for Subic

The cargo hold are unpainted at the bottom (the tank top)
as the first iron ore cargo loading will just shot blast
off any coating
Closing Ceremony
The completed and painted Engine Room
Poop Deck with freefall lifeboat and new mooring lines
Ready for departure on Saturday 25th
Tug standing by to make fast

Kicking the engine ahead and astern
Underway for sea
HHIC's Dock 6 Director and Contract Director watching
another of their vessels sailing away
Proud Dad
Ballasting down to sea condition, next stop Singapore

Homeward bound

The Antipodean Mariner


  1. Cool vids...thanks.

    Tad in Alabama..battening down.

  2. wow, a helicopter taxi ... .

    you're realy have a nice job ;)

    thx for vidz and picz.

    all best's from germany

  3. Never been in a helo; looks like fun. Oh, that engine room, wow!

  4. On another note, have you seen this?

    Shes an 86 built cape

    1. Done some quick research, the vessel is the Korean flag 'Pacific Carrier', a 1986-built Capesize 146,939 DWT. This hasn't yet made the Shipping Casualties as she is listed at anchor off Samchonpo.

      Looks like she will be a Total Loss...


    2. Ah ok thanks, think she has definitely lost a rightship star or two! Great blog by the way

      Freddy (was Anonymous above!)