Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Aileron NT

Not much to blog today. We had a late start from Erldunda Roadhouse, and groceries to buy in Alice Springs before the larger towns dry up in the NT. Alice was well stocked and we were only stopped for about an hour. The roads are soooo straight that we resorted to slow slaloms along the centreline. Speed limit is 130km/h and we were overtaken a few times by even quicker locals.

We skipped lunch and the next road house at Aileron appeared on the horizon at 16:00 as the shadows were getting longer. Two other riders heading south were stopped for the night and told us that the next two towns north were pretty rough.

We have set up shop in a nice grassy spot, made a cuppa and set out for Tennant Creek for tomorrow.

The Antipodean Mariners
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  1. Dad skipping lunch seems unheard of!
    Bet you guys are getting quick at setting up those tents :)