Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Jumping off

Sitting in Port Augusta as the light fades, we prepare for tomorrow's 'jumping off' - our last major outpost before Cairns in about two weeks time. Today's kilometres have been another easy day, just 208 km plus the two hour ferry trip from Wallaroo to Cowell. We stopped in Whyalla and took in the town and steel mill from Hummock Hill lookout. Whyalla had a thriving shipbuilding industry from WWII to the late 1970's, and both Bruce and I sailed on BHP-built ships in our seagoing careers. The Maritime Museum has the first vessel built - HMAS Whyalla - preserved as a static display 2 km from the foreshore where she was launched in 1941. Bikes are running like a dream, weather is good and temperatures bearable. Tomorrow's destination is Woomera and the rocket testing range. Another easy day and then some serious distance to Coober Pedy.

The Antipodean Mariners

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    What a fantastic trip - safe riding and look forward to hearing more