Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Encyclopedia Britannica (Improve yourself)

This post has very little relevance to our road trip. At an unnamed and inconspicuous roadside rest stop we found a full collection of the Encyclopedia Britannica's 1991 Edition. Rendered obsolete by the Internet, and with some poor Mum and Dad probably still to make the 300th easy payment of $19.95, the volumes were languishing in four cardboard boxes in the bush, unloved and unwanted.

It seemed sacrilegious to leave the abandoned tomes to the White Ants, and with very little better to do with our day, we set about create a little oasis of knowledge for our fellow travelers. 

When Bruce got noisy, I had to remind him that he was in a library.

We left instructions for the next users of the Rest Stop - in a 'worst case' situation you could even use it for dunny roll.

The Antipodean Mariners

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