Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Berge Everest to discharge in the Philippines

Update 29th December: Berge Everest has sailed to and berthed at Dalian, China on 28th December. Seems the time wa right and the impass has been broken. AM


There has been speculation in the shipping media that one of the 'small' Vale ore carriers, Berge Everest (388,000 DWT), may be heading to China to 'test the waters' for acceptance of a fully loaded VLOC.

'Berge Everest was built in Bohai Shipyard for Berge Bulk and chartered to Vale for the Brasil - China ore trade.

Berge Everest loaded her first cargo in Brasil in early November and headed east. The vessel has changed her AIS destination from Singapore to Villanueva, a JFE Steel Corporation sinter plant in the Philippines. Villanieva has an ore berth with 21.5 metres draft and which is able to accommodate the Berge Everest.

Looks like the time isn't right just yet.


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