Monday, 12 December 2011

Capesize PN65 is a complete hull

Another really quick post on the progress of PN65 and PN66. PN65 is a complete vessel for the first time with the fitting of her bulbous bow.

Block for a sister ship is lifted over PN65

PN65 block comprising side shell, stool piece and bulkhead slotted in to No./No.2 Hold

Ready for lowering

Almost there

In position, ready for welding

Bulbous bow is lowered in to position and PN65 is a complete hull

PN65's Forecastle in the Paint Shop (upside down)

Sister-ship PN66 next to PN65 (Looking in to the Engine Room). Another identical Cape is in the dock ahead.

Photos courtesy of the Site Supervision Team

Tha Antipodean Mariner

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