Thursday, 8 December 2011

Rena salvage archive

The National Library of NZ has posted a request on the blog...

"Hi there, The National Library of New Zealand would like to archive a copy of your blog for the Library's collections. We've been reading your commentary on RENA with much interest."

The Antipodean Mariner has replied to the National Library of NZ with a yes, but has one further 'ask' for the librarians of Wellington.

As you guys are down there in Wellington and kind of close to Maritime NZ, do you think you could give them a call and ask them really nicely to talk to Svitzer who will in turn talk to the Operators of the 'GO Canopus' and ease up on the non-disclosure clause? The Antipodean Mariner's man at Astrolabe Reef still has some great insights and photos of the salvage to share with the followers of this blog.

Thanks in advance,


1 comment:

  1. Yeah, come on National Library of NZ, go to it and get us locals up here some more interesting news, please. You can do it! Please.
    Just imagine the blog you could read and possibly archive of this new crane barge in action.
    Otherwise we'll get more of the uninspiring reporting from our local non seafaring journalists. They're getting bored and the interest is dropping off.
    Time for some straight from the horses mouth stuff....