Sunday, 24 June 2012

PN65 Blues

PN65 remains undelivered as the wrangling continues as to what constitutes a completed ship. During the UMS test, a four hour period when the Engineroom is in lockdown, this ship has to run at normal sea speed with no alarms and no engineers.

During this test, the standby generator kicked in when a main compressor started, lighting up the alarm panel and calling into question the design of the power management system.

No ship is ever perfect, and the objective is to ensure the list of defects is as small as is operationally conscionable for the operating crew. PN65 sets the standard for the following sister-ships.

Delivery is now scheduled for 2nd July, over a month past the contract date - not an auspicious start. First cargo will be iron ore for China, after a quick stop in Singapore to bunker. The AM is planning to join her in Australia for the first loading and see how she and the crew performs. Sea trial data has proven speed, deadweight and the performance of the main engine. With the valve and fuel pumps on the engine  hydraulically actuated, there is no rhythmic clatter of camshafts. The engine and turbocharger just roar.

Now that the AM has learned how to insert clips, a short sequence as PN65 returns to the Yard in June after trials.


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  1. A380, B787............. PN65. Lets hope not.