Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sea trials diary Thursday 7th June

We are too far offshore for full connectivity so this will be a digest posting.

Good and bad news. Good news is that nothing has broken and the ship's systems are working normally. Bad news is that the monsoon weather has not played ball and we've lost about half a day grinding up and down the coast of western Luzon. The speed trials are supposed to take place in near-calm conditions, not a 20 knot Southerly, and the Yard seems to have stretched out the runs into the evening when the winds ease.
Upshot for the Owner's team is all day waiting for the speed runs to be called and now an all-nighter to finish them and the manouevring tests. After the speed runs, we turn the vessel to port and starboard on full rudder, zig zag and finally crash stop (Full Ahead to Full Astern) at 14.75 knots. Better done in daylight but we have to try and pick up time on the programme.

Once the high drama is over, the pace returns to the more sedate pace of checking that the automation will run the Main Engine and services for 4 hours with no alarms.

Yesterday, the AM had to board a very ropey old tug to read the draft and verify RTM Cook's displacement. Hairy moments jumping off the Pilot Ladder as the tug rose and fell in the monsoon chop. At a sea trial displacement of 109,526 tonnes of ship, ballast, fuel stores and crew RTM Cook is ready to enter her
Friday 8th June 01:50LT
AM is waiting in the Officers' Mess for the 02:30 call and the second leg of the full power speed run. The vessel is running with 15 knots of wind astern and has picked up her skirts to 16.2 knots. However, the work programme is in tatters just 6 hours after having been revised by the Yard's Trial Director. We should have been into the manouevring tests by now but the performance is not meeting expectations and another 90% power run is being discussed. As she is not our ship yet, we cannot decline...

Despite everything, it's a beautiful moonlit night off Manila, Bataan and Subic. Lots if ships and fishing boats to negotiate while maintaining minimum course changes which impact on speed. Had another ship call up and grumble for passing him at 4 cables.

Photos of draft check for sea trials displacement, NACOS ECDIS electronic chart and radar, turning for the next speed run. More to post when AM is back in InternetLand.

Antipodean Mariner

Draft check to verify her displacement for sea trials

Turning to port at 15 knots for the next speed run

NACOS Platinum Radar and ECDIS Electronic Chart display

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