Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rena salvage demobilisation

The Antipodean Mariner's man at Astrolabe Reef reports that they have received orders to demobilise from the site.  The last of the containers have been removed from the forward section, Smit Borneo is under tow by Smit Singapore and Rena is (temporarily) left to the forces of nature while the wreck removal is being put to tender.

No more boxes

Longitudinal girders gone

With the salvage ended this is probably the last post until the TAIC report is released. It's been an interesting ride, with big thanks to a my mates who 'flipped the bird' to MNZ's media relations team and the draconian 'non disclosure'. Everyone's a reporter now...

The closing post wouldn't be complete without a plug for 'Black Tide' by John Julian. The book explores the 'what could have been' with expert opinion from salvors and mariners who incidentally weren't part of the good news spin cycle. A good read with no agenda and plenty of informed dialogue.

Antipodean Mariner

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  1. Thanks for the informed goings on at the reef AM. Very much appreciated.