Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sea trials diary Wednesday 6th June

The AM is back in Subic Bay and will attempt a daily text posting off the Galaxy S2 phone.

We are at anchor ballasting No.6 Hold to achieve heavy sea draft condition. The main engine looked OK at inspection after the short run out to Grande Island. We will start progressively building up revolutions this afternoon for the official speed trial tomorrow morning.

No.5 cylinder cross-head and bottom end bearing

What a difference two weeks makes with the decks and hatches painted. The ship looks much cleaner and less like 'work in progress'.

Full berths at the Yard - 4 Capesize bulk carriers, 2 Suezmax tankers
Monsoon rains have arrived. Raining but still light winds which shouldn't impede the speed and manoevring tests. The Yard is full - six ships ready for trials or delivery.

AM - at sea

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