Sunday, 27 May 2012

Doosan MAN B&W 6S70ME-C

The main engine selected and installed to PN65 and her sisters is a MAN B&W 6S70ME-C8 Tier II slow-speed diesel.

MAN B&W 6S70ME-C on the test bed
To explain the acronyms;

MAN B&W: The merged entity of MAN (Germany) and Burmeister and Wain (Denmark) are one of the leading makers of slow and medium diesel engine for power generation and ship's propulsion. MAN B&W are primarily engine designers and license their engine designs to individual engine manufacturers, in this case Doosan of Korea. MAN B&W maintain a global parts and service network for after-sales support of their engines, and will be the primary contact point for the ship's technical managers in service.

6S70: The main engine has 6 cylinders (6), Super Long Stroke bore/stroke ratio (S) with a 70cm bore size (70). The piston's engine's stroke is 2.8 metres.

ME-C: The 'E' in the nomenclature indicates that the engine's exhaust valves and fuel injection is electronically controlled using a high pressure, engine-driven hydraulic system and actuators. The electronic control system provides variable control of the engines parameters compared with camshaft driven exhaust and injection (MC-C engines) and allow the engine to be tuned for lower emissions and better fuel economy. The '8' show the engine is the Mark 8 model of the series. Tier II shows that the engine meets the IMO Tier 2 emissions standard for Nitrous (NOx) and Sulphur (SOx) oxides. Ironically, in meeting Tier II NOx/SOx, the engines emit more greenhouse gasses (CO2) than Tier I engines, as some of the exhaust is re-burned back through the engine. Thank California's smog regulations for this little anomaly...

In service and with real-world residual bunker fuel oil, these engines will consume about 65 tonnes a day at 14.5 knots plus another 2.5 tonnes for auxiliaries and generators. Maximum rated at 19,620 Kw output at 91 rpm, the engine is optimised to deliver 15,750 Kw in service for a service speed of about 14.2 knots. Sea trials scheduled for mid-June will prove the vessel's contractually guaranteed speed with the calculated speed/power curve and allow the AM's company to benchmark the unmodified propeller with two sister hulls with Mewis Duct and Prop Boss Cap Fin energy-saving devices.

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