Thursday, 31 May 2012

Where's the Monaro?

AM was pessimistic about whether Troy's Monaro would be salvaged - the exchange below has been quietly continuing in the 'Comments' section of the 'Astrolabe Reef Towies' post.

Holden Monaro HQ - an Aussie classic
Thanks for the update AM. Theres still a slim chance for the old monaro yet. Would you be able to find out any info on its fate, the loading position is Bay 9 Slot 03 Tier 04. thanks Troy Levien on Astrolabe Reef Towies

Not great news I'm afraid, Troy.I had a look at some of the close-up photos and Bay 9 is aft of the hull break. She folded at Bay 6, so Bay 9 is about 20 metres underwater with the after end. AM on Astrolabe Reef Towies

Oh that doesn't sound good, I am not in the shipping business but is a "hold" different from a "bay"? I looked at a container loading diagram and the numbering sequence for 20 ft containers is bay 1,3,5,7,9 etc. and 40 ft containers is bays 2,4,6,8 etc . Which are in turn divided into the holds of the ship. So my theory was that my container is in hold number 3 under the row in which that Mercedes came from..... on Astrolabe Reef Towies

Here's the shot of the airborne Merc with Rena in the background. Troy, you are spot on with the 20 foot cell numbering convention. Your Monaro should be in Bay 9 at the aft end of Hatch 3, Slot 03 is two slots to starboard (even Port, odd Starboard) of the centreline and Tier 04 is second height (tier 02, hold bottom, tier 04 second height). Assuming 2 metres of mangled double bottom structure and 2.5 metres for the 1st tier container, your Monaro should be about 4.5 metres above Astrolabe Reef.

Keep us posted...



  1. Sad news I'm afraid AM. I have just seen a pic of my monaro and its not good, the container has collapsed on top of the roof of the car and its been underwater, so you were right its a total loss.
    Worse still is I have no insurance due to a communication mix up....can this get any worse...

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