Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sea Trials Diary - Sunday 13th May

The Antipodean Mariner is in Manila en route to Subic Bay for sea trials of PN65, to be named 'RTM Cook'. As this is going to a week-long comissioning trial and there are going to be LOTS of photos, I'll try to post daily subject to internet access. To set the scene, Owners Representatives are flying in from Australia and Glasgow for the trials, which will take place in the waters to the west of Subic Bay. About 150 Yard, Class, Manufacterers Technicians and Owners Reps will be aboard, necessitating 4 to a cabin (or more). The goods news as Owners Reps, we get the best (Senior Officer) cabins up on D Deck under the bridge.
On arrival last night, the Yard issued a new delivery date and advising that insetad of 31st May the vessel will be handed over on 8th June. Some reshuffling of the vessel's first cargo is required now as we'll be about 8 days late on the current laycan.
The Inclining Experiment (to ascertain the vessel's centre of gravity) will take place on Monday, for which all the scaffolding and Builder's equipment has to be removed. On Tuesday, the vessel will be prepared to put to sea on Wednesday for three days of testing underway before returning to Subic on Saturday for two days of tests at anchor.

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