Monday, 28 May 2012

Ore Fabrica's baby conveyors?

Help is requested from the Blog's readership about a barge that's anchored in Subic Bay.

Vale's conveyor barge
This photo was snapped out of the car window - a conveyor barges (or barges?) anchored at the head of Subic Bay. The Agent reported that the barge is owned by Vale and is 'inserted' between Ore Fabrica and the off-take vessel during transfer operations. Looking at the outreach of the Ore Fabrica's cranes it is conceivable that they could be plumbed over the centre of 'Fabrica's ore holds and used (with the long-travelling ship loader) to grab cargo into the barge's hoppers and then up to the waiting Cape. The AM thinks he saw this barge in Subic Port in February, before Ore Fabrica started operations.

Can anyone fill in the gaps?


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