Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sea Trials Diary - Wed 16th to Sat 19th May

16th May
The ship was ready and we left the fitting out dock at 0930 for anchorage off Subic Bay. The first job has been to test the Ballast Water Treatment System in live condition. The system is designed to kill waterborne greebies and the test required the filling of the Forepeak tank and No.6 Cargo Hold. Water samples from the sea were taken (with live organisms) and compared under a microsope with the lifeless water samples from the tanks - a Pass!

Ballast Water Treatment control screen
After checking the vessel's displacement and draft, we have put to sea to run the main engine progressively up to full revolutions. The magnetic compass will be swung and adjusted tonight before stopping for engine checks in the small hours. AM has been on the bridge with the Master and Chief Officer playing with the port radar (still no electronic charts) while the Korean Dockmaster navigates the ship from the starboard conning console.

Tomorrow morning will be the speed trial and navigation equipment tests. Fortunate to have been allocated a cabin with only one other, maximum sleeping arrangement is 20 in the small gymnasium.

Owners Team dockside
Testing for hydrogen while ballasting No.6 Hold

At anchor taking on ballast
Night bridge

Emergency muster for all hands before sailing out

Thursday 17th May
We spent the night at anchor following an unwelcome development. A visual inspection of the Main engine after 3 hours of slow running found water and emulsified lube oil in the crankcase. The Main engine has a charge of 44,000 litres of lube oil and water has entered the system from somewhere. The Yard's engineers are checking the lube oil system for the source of the water. Lube oil is being run through the purifiers to remove the emulsified water. Many unhappy Koreans.

While we wait, the stagger test - where alternate tanks are ballasted to check bulkhead welds and hull strength - is being done. This was scheduled for the end of trials and we were to leave the ship to fly home. Nothing for the AM to look forward to except mealtimes for the next 24 hours. Oil samples have been taken off by tug for analysis and measurement of the water percentage.

Friday 18th May
Completed the bulkhead inspections and adjusting ballast for the final checks of the cargo holds. The Pilot will board in the morning and we will slowly steam back to the Yard. Work will start on cleaning out the Main Engine lube oil system for another sea trial later this week and to try to determine the source of the water. The small number of 'rats and mice' jobs have been signed off but little else to show for the last three days.

Saturday 19th May
After consulting the Main engine makers, it has been allowed to run the engine at 'Dead Slow' (35 rpm) back to the Yard. The anchor was raised at 0700, 0830 the Rescue Boat was deployed (a trials test) and we were back alongside at 10:00. The Builders will flush new oil through the Main engine and try to find the source of the water. Tomorrow, there will be a joint inspection of the new engine for any damage and second sea trials are scheduled for Wednesday 23rd May.

Launching the Rescue Boat

Coming back alongside astern of PN66/Cartier

Easing alongside
The Antipodean Mariner

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  1. WOW...water in the lube oil is never a good thing.
    Hope it's only a bad gasket or some other easy repair.
    That's what sea trials are for.

    Please keep us informed...Thanks.

    Tad in Alabama