Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sea Trials Diary - Tuesday 15th May

Out of date sequence with the Wednesday to Saturday Postings:-

With only one day to go before putting to sea, the level of activity has increased to fever pitch with bedding and provisions being loaded for the 160 Yard, Class and Owners people who will be joining tomorrow.

RTM Cook, looking back at RTM Cartier
The navigation system has been run up this afternoon to make sure that we will have functioning equipment before leaving the dock. Unfortunately the ECDIS software has not arrived and we will be on paper charts. All of the housekeeping items, such as galley equipment, provisions, bedding has been loaded and extra liferafts.

A final pre-meeting will be held with the Builders in the morning to verify work to be completed tonight, then into the harbour for ballasting to out trials condition. We will be benchmarking this unmodified vessel to two sisters with Mewis Duct and Prop Boss Cap Fin.


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