Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Right Bike

The Antipodean Mariner is pleased to unveil The Right Bike - a Triumph Tiger 1050 SE.

Showroom new and ready to ride out...

A little short of two years since buying the Street Triple, the AM was faced with something of a perfect storm. Unexpected 'money from America' provided the means and circumstance provided the opportunity to showroom cruise, test ride and finally haggle a deal which put a new bike in the stable. Even at 51, the rush of riding away on a new bike with zero kilometres can't be beaten.

Headwaters of Lake Eildon, Victoria

Financially, trading the Street Triple probably realised the worst of depreciation but with youngest starting High School next year any more new bikes may a decade away.

The 'Tiger runs the same 1050 cc triple cylinder engine/transmission as the Sprint and, in the SE package, comes with ABS brakes, panniers, gel seat, centre stand and hand guards. Power delivery is sublime, riding position upright and appetite for tarmac huge. With 17 inch wheels it is no dirt bike - this niche is being filled by the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 released this year. It even commutes well!

Stripped bare
Five weeks in and 3,000 km on the clock, can't wipe the grin off my face yet.


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  1. Never been on a 0 km machine; very happy for you!