Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Astrolabe Reef Towies

Activity at Astrolabe Reef has, in the words of one contributor, become Groundhog Day. The salvage has moved to a daily routine of debris removal as the Salvors ponder what to do with the sunken after section of Rena.

Every person at Astrolabe Reef has been reminded again of the blanket non-disclosure of text, commentary, opinion, photos or video footage of the salvage operation. Funny to think that this is New Zealand and not Stalinist Russia.

The world's most expensive two truck
Someone got lucky yesterday when a Mercedes Benz E200 was recovered (un-immersed) from the forward holds and flown off by the McDermott helicopter. It may have already been paid out as a total loss but appears to have a few boxes of personal possessions in the back seat. No sign of any Monaros at this point, Troy.

Merc slung under the McDermott chopper for the short ride home
The Antipodean Mariner


  1. Thanks for the update AM. Theres still a slim chance for the old monaro yet. Would you be able to find out any info on its fate, the loading position is Bay 9 Slot 03 Tier 04. thanks Troy Levien

  2. Not great news I'm afraid, Troy.I had a look at some of the close-up photos and Bay 9 is aft of the hull break. She folded at Bay 6, so Bay 9 is about 20 metres underwater with the after end.


  3. Oh that doesn't sound good, I am not in the shipping business but is a "hold" different from a "bay"? I looked at a container loading diagram and the numbering sequence for 20 ft containers is bay 1,3,5,7,9 etc. and 40 ft containers is bays 2,4,6,8 etc . Which are in turn divided into the holds of the ship. So my theory was that my container is in hold number 3 under the row in which that Mercedes came from.....