Tuesday, 31 January 2012

B Whale, White Elephant

The Antipodean Mariner was flipping through this week's 'Tradewinds' newspaper and found the advert below for the VLOO 'B Whale'.

'B Whale' is one of 8 combination ore/oil carriers built speculatively by Nobu So, a wealthy Taiwanese shipping entrepreneur (his company slogan, Tomorrow Makes Today) and self-proclaimed shipping visionary. Named (imaginatively) 'A Whale' through to 'H Whale', these vessel were built to trade in either the 'wet (oil) or 'dry' (ore) markets depending on where they would make the best money. Most importantly, they were not built against any long-term charter or cargo contract - effectively trading in the dynamic spot market.

'A Whale' was unsuccessfully converted into an oil skimming ship during the BP Macondo disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Unsuccessful in that she didn't manage to skim off any oil.

With time-charter earnings for both markets at record lows, the Owners of 'B Whale' have taken direct marketing to a new level by advertising their ship in the trade media.

The Antipodean Mariner invites blog readers to suggest new and imaginative ideas for the potential employment of a 318,000 DWT ore tanker cum ore carrier. No prizes, just the chance to have some fun at the expense of TMT's $1Billion investment in these white elephants of the sea.

Antipodean Mariner


  1. In addition to the plight of the "A Whale" who I wrote extensively on during her misguided effort to become the "worlds largest oil skimmer," I offer as further evidence of Mr. Sou's woes the fact that the "C Whale" has been zig-zagging off the Canary Islands for the past 64 days - more than TWO MONTHS of aimless wandering!

  2. Hi AM doesn't australia have a massive wine glut!? Google says it in '09 it was around 900 million Litres or around 3 Whale loads. As for your typo, that may be unrealistic even with all the worlds males lending a hand..... :P