Sunday, 15 January 2012

Last word from Astrolabe Reef

The AM's travelling for a week and using the Android Blogger app on the Samsung Galaxy tablet. In what may be the final communique from Astrolabe Reef, a close friend of the Antipodean Mariner eloquently described his feelings as they put their stern to the Rena for the last time;

The Rena is just a hulk now, whose carcase will be picked over by salvors, divers, insurers, politicians and lawyers for years to come. She no longer has any grace, life, mystique or majesty - the love affair is over.

The AM will keep a weather eye on Astrolabe Reef but the prize of salvaging the Rena has been lost.



  1. Indeed. I second those feelings, and wish the salvors well, although I'll still keep an eye on MNZ to see if they cover any new developments.

    And bravo to you for your coverage - I like your blog and I'll keep following you, no worries. :D You're a class act.