Friday, 13 January 2012

Vale Beijing has a crane

News on the Vale Beijing, the VLOC which suffered structural failure loading her first cargo in Brazil, has been very hard to come by. This article from a Brazilian newspaper on 12th January paraphrased by AM and with the help of Google Translator;

The Port of Maranhão (CPMA) said it has completed the installation of the crane on the deck of Vale Beijing, at anchor in San Marcos Bay, 60 miles off the coast of Sao Luis.

The vessel is cracked in the ballast tank located in way Hold 6 after an incident during the loading of iron ore in December 2011 at Ponta da Madeira Port Terminal (TPPM). The crane will be used to redistribute of cargo in Hold 7 forward to Holds 3 and 5 to stabilize the ship.

The Port captaincy also reported that the tanker Sea Emperor, who successfully conducted the removal of 4,500 tons of fuel oil bunkers from Vale Beijing last week, should return to the vessel again today to take off another 2,000 tonnes, leaving the damaged vessel with enough bunkers to keep running her generators running and to maintain essential services. Cargo transfer will only start after the removal of bunkers has been completed. It is planned to complete emergency repairs to the hull in San Marcos Bay.

A bad day at the Terminal - 'Trade Daring', Ponta da Madeira, 1994



  1. Costa Concordia...a salvage challenge

  2. Yeah, that just broke, Tad - the cruise liner off of Italy. Hopefully the low amount of dead (3 so far, 14 missing) stays that way. There's definately some mysteries here, and it should be an interesting challenge for salvage.