Thursday, 12 January 2012

Rena wrap

In the absence of any real news, the Antipodean Mariner has put together a posting of bits and pieces. The mood at Astrolabe Reef is reported as being sombre on which one source commented:-

"An apt time for introspection and reflection, like the day after a funeral, when all family and friends have departed and one is left alone with very private thoughts. A sense of relief also, both that the suffering is now over and the unwanted relatives did not hang around too long."

Flattie, your Tui billboard has been found!

Just liked this cartoon from the NZ Herald

Anonymous, the tank container forward of the accommodation was a placed there by the salvors to refuel the generators and compressors (which went down with the ship)

Transport Accident Investigation Commission has said a preliminary report of the timeline and information about the vessel will be released in February, with no recommendations until July. Surprising that it's going to take 10 months to determine the root cause of the grounding. AM believes that the Owners, Insurers and P&I Club will have worked this out before July.

It has been reported that GO Canopus has disconnected her tow line and buoyed the pennant connected to Rena's submerged stern. Some of the small craft are mopping up residual diesel with towed booms and retrieving flotsam still emanating from the wreck.

Some photos from Astrolabe Reef

Tug Koraki towing an oil recovery boom around the wreck

View from astern

The Antipodean Mariner


  1. I only have two real questions - what will Svitzer do now outside of recovering containers from the bow section, and exactly who is John Key?

    Thanks for the wrap, although I highly doubt Svitzer is done with the salvage operation (although I wonder if MNZ might shut them down to protect the reef?).

    1. A post on wreck removal is in draft for tomorrow's blog and John Key is NZ's Prime Minister.


  2. I wonder if they took the optional insurance on the hired plant on the aft deck?
    It seemed a shame to see it slip under but I guess after a couple of months in that environment, it may not have been worth returning. Possibly small change in the game these guys work in.