Saturday, 7 January 2012

Rena before the storm

Mid-afternoon Saturday, and the salvage site has been 'boxed up' in preparation for the bad weather forecast to cross the North Island of New Zealand. Swell is now about 2.5 metres, forecast at peak at 4 metres at midday on Sunday but not the 7 metres reported earlier.

GO Canopus is connected with her towing bridle to Rena's stern and is providing a static tow.

Interesting to the AM is that Rena is 'open to the sea' - hatch pontoons at Holds 7, Centre, 6 Centre, 6 Port and 5 Port are off and she has no watertight integrity save for the engineroom. Preparation for a possible scutling?

Antipodean Mariner


  1. Would that help in salvage to do it underwater? I.E. could that drag the ship off the reef? Or just a sign of giving up and letting nature have her prize?

  2. I note that MNZ says that the Go Canopus is out there "monitoring" the Rena....

  3. Let's hope she will withstand this storm, apparently the strongest since she is stuck on the reef....
    I think the hatches were just too difficult to put back again. Anyway, she seems firmly aground.