Sunday, 8 January 2012

Rena sea level view

Two more photos from sea level which complement the aerial photos and show the force of the storm on the stranded Rena. The forward part of the stern is 8-10 metres below the line of the fully stranded bow.



  1. Just wow...those are much better pics than MNZ's ones at least for dramatic scenes. The MNZ pics show the damage more clearly, of course.

  2. has a pile of epic high quality pix and vids

  3. I hope this isn't a stupid question, but what happened to the GO Canopus? Can't see her on any of the photos I've seen this morning.

    Thanks for the great coverage though!

  4. Sorry it was a stupid question! - seen on

  5. Any hypothesis as to why the Go Canopus would have dropped her towing bridle?
    Also is the chain over the stern of Rena part of that bridle and will the other end be buoyed off to allow pick up as and when required?
    As the Singapore has been out there all day, what would her likely role be? With the Go Canopus being more manoeuvrable, would she act as a "go between" to the Singapore, to facilitate delivery of the bridle to the Singapore, or might they tow in tandem.
    Alternatively, they may have more "dignitaries" aboard than the Go Canopus can accomodate and Singapore may be taking the overflow...

    I was reminded of a comment from an earlier posting of yours "A summer cyclone will have it unloaded in less than 24 hours."
    Govt Minister Nick Smith said on the news that she'd sink in the next two days. If she does that in the 85m surrounds out there, is it all over rover as far as recovery of cargo goes?
    There still seemed to be talk of shallower water to enable more retrieval. Or, would they hope that she stays grounded until the weather abates before attempting a tow?

    Sorry about playing 20 questions but there aren't a lot of answers apparent here.

    Thanks again for your sterling efforts.

  6. I just can't believe she's still on the reef.....but it's pretty amazing she didn't sink. Hope they'll finish the salvage.

  7. Looking at GO Canopus's AIS data, she remains attached to Rena on static tow duties and 'Singapore' is running around site as the viewing platform. There is no chance that Rena is going to float now.

    In the conditions seen on the Youtube clip it's chaos theory out there. Until the weather subsides it's pure luck as to whether she can remain afloat on her engineroom, No.7 Hold and aft tanks.

    If she sinks, the AM speculates that this is where she will remain. If she had sunk in a channel or port aprroaches, there would be a greater economic need to remove the wreck. With the bulk of her bunkers removed it may be decided to let the wreck populate with fish.

    24 hours will probably answer a few of the questions. No more news from Astrolabe Reef tonight but hopefully something blog-worthy on Monday morning.